I have a fender american strat, though i'm not sure exactly the model (i bought it from my dad, who in turn bought it used). It's honey blonde with a rosewood fretboard and a turtle-shell pickguard.

Anyway, ever since I've had it (about a year), i've noticed a problem with the high E. It never seems to get as much volume as the other strings, but I've typically attributed this to a paranoid ear, because nobody else really agrees with me on that haha.. perhaps this low sound and my second, upcoming issue are related, but the MAIN problem is that from approximately frets 11 to 20, i cannot bend very well. At all. Not even a half fret.

This is strange, though, because in the very highest fret, 22, i get the most beautiful sound when i bend it, even quite high.

I've always wondered if this was a saddle problem or, as i've been dreading, a problem with the fretboard or the frets. Any ideas??