I'm a bit of a gear n00b, and I would like to run two pedals through my amp at once. I have a ProTone Jason Becker Distortion pedal and a VisualSound Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive that I would like to run through my Krank Rev. Jr, but I do not have any clue how to run both through. I tried running it guitar-distortion-overdrive-amp, but the overdrive didn't work. How could I run the distortion and overdrive at the same time?
Guitar to input of distortion, output of distortion to input of overdrive, output of overdrive to input of amp.

Do the batteries/cables work?
I would do Guitar-OD-Distortion-Amp but that's just me. I prefer my OD as a bit of a boost. When running them at the same time it will just add a slight amount of gain to the Distortion and maybe a little volume depending on settings.
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