Crit for crit, leave a link. and a decent criticism.

I wrote it in about 20 minutes, which is probably why it's so short. I can't even begin to figure out some of the chords i used. The lyrics are semi-existential as usual.

"Is it electrons that pull me towards your face?
Because I'm convinced they aren’t me.
They aren’t me."

man i got to say. i like the music a lot. love the glitch bits, did you bend anything to get those sounds? some cool chords in it and i do like the swirling voices effect of having all the voices coming in.

the only thing is your voice is just out of control. i can tell where your coming from, and i think if you work on your singing you could hav an awesome thom yorke style of voice, you just gotta learn to hit proper notes instead of kinda sliding around a lot.

anyways, still cool work.

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