Hey, I got my guitar about 6 months ago from musiciansfriend and everything is ok I think? I never really set it up... I lowered the action a little bit but thats it. After reading a bunch of set-up threads I am starting to think what if my guitar isnt set up correctly. How do you know if its not set-up correctly? Is there a way?

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If it doesn't feel right, chances are it's not setup right. Also, considering it's from musiciansfriend, it's most likely not set up at all. Go to projectguitar.com, they should have some stuff.
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Yeah just search for Intonating and adjusting the Truss Rod.
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If it doesnt feel right or the notes are incorrect you should change it other than that just leave it if you like it.
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If you are not confident to give it a go yourself just take it along to a decent guitar shop and they will sort it out for you. If you do have a go yourself just be carefull to make small changes and see what happens.