Pretty excited, just picked up an rgx 121 rather cheap.

Im mostly excited because I wanted a HSS, because I do metal but wanted a creamy twangy singly coil up front for blues.

The things I want to modify, but not sure what to go with are the following:

New bridge pup for metal. Was considering an emg, but as I want blues at the neck I think sticking with passive will be way to go.

Middle and Neck single coils blended so metal (bridge) to middle, middle to blues (neck)

I like natural bare wood. So wanna strip it, body is alder. But possibly a clear gloss. Kinda like a BC Rich Mock (forget which one it is)

Considering a new bridge, but heard nothing bad of its factory one.

Also considering a bone nut.

I have a budget of under $150.

Any help appreciated.
For a low budget, I would do an oil finish. You can find lots of tutorials for how to do so online. But, basically you use a rag to spread the oil (your choice, Tung is good, but it may darken the wood just a bit), let it dry, lightly buff with steel wool or the like, and repeat about 3-4 times. Makes for an easy to fix, hard, durable, and beautiful finish. I did this on my 68 SG from eBay, and it looks incredible. Also very easy! As for pickups--I have no idea, since I'm not that in to metal. I would suggest looking in to eBay to get a good price, though. Fully agree with keeping it passive, otherwise you'd be in for some routing, too. Good luck!
sounds good thanks !

i was thinking starting with a george lynch SD sh12 in the bridge, only 10k resistance though, so maybe a bit weak on the leads?