Alright, so I need to put a pickup in my Larrivee L-05 acoustic. I've narrowed it down to two pickups with preamps/DI's from there corresponding company. First up we have

The K&K sound Pure western Mini with passive volume wheel partnered with There Pure XLR Preamp/DI box


The LR Baggs iBeam Active partnered with there ParaDI Preamp/DI box

Wich do you guys think?
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I think the K&K might give you a better sound.

Here's a website that compares these pickup systems.

Instead of comparing each pickups to each other, compare them to the Neumann mic. Each pickup is played on a different guitar, so comparing which one sounds better between two systems won't be accurate. Decide for yourself which one sounds more natural.

If you have some high definition headphones, I suggest you pull them out. Speakers won't show all the subtleties that you can hear through really good headphones.
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K&K Pure Western with LR Baggs Para DI.
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