Or maybe a set up? My guitar isnt that fancy, its just a Yamaha store model
I use 12's for drop c.

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I use 12's for drop c.

The tension must be tight as hell.

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Yeah maybe intonation adjustments but other than that you should be fine with 11's
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10's - 11's i'd say, go try them at a guitar shop and see which ones you're most comfortable with
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for drop C id use 10-52 running kinda like 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 52. or if you run 11 just try 11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 52 I wouldnt run anything heavier than a 52 for a drop C. this is just going by personal experience since its what i used when i play Drop C
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Can i go back up to standard tuning with those strings? Or do i need to go lighter for that
i wouldn't. because of all the extra tension of your guitar, you could warp your neck. i would go with Light Top Heavy Bottoms 10-52's. not too tight, not too loose.
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I have 11-50 s now and im playing at drop c and it has some buzz at low strings so i guess 11-54 or 56 s would be great.
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maybe just an intonation set up

But isn't dropped C supposed to lessen the tension? Sorry, I'm a guitar noob.
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Sorry for slightly diverting, but for drop d do you need an intonation set up from standard? And also, what strings would be best?
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Those .12's are way to tight imo,
Either go Heavy bottom slinky top (.52 - .10 )
Or get a set of .11's