Ok so here's the scoop..I usually use my PS2 to watch movies on my tv. Its an HD. The other day I tried and it didn't work. The sound was being produced but no video. I messed around with the cables but no luck. So I figured the cable for the ps2 just went bad or something. I grabbed my actual dvd player and hooked it up and nothing at all happens with that. Every now and then when I switch to the AV channel (i have to to watch DVD's) it will say "Retrieving Data..." but no do anything. But basically I just have a black screen. Could it be some kind of cable? The TV works fine in general..watching cable and the On Demand and ****...but if it's a cable, which should I even check? They all seem fine but I'm kinda ignorant to things like these. If anyone could give me any suggestions, that would be great.
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the jack is probably screwed up, most HDTVs have multiple AV inputs try using another one (I'm assuming you are using RCA cables here and not HDMI)
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