Let me start of by saying I am not a Guitarist, bassist or drummer. I don't know much about bass or guitar, so I didn't do anything fancy in GP like muting, harmonics, etc. I just enjoy writing music.

I would like any criticism I can get. I tried real hard to keep the song groovy and flowing with odd timings. Sometimes the drums are playing different timing then the riffs, etc. I just enjoy all that stuff

This is a song I am writing for my project, TIWTMM, its not done by any means.

Again, thank you and please crit!
There is going to be keys too, but I haven't gotten to them yet, and the blues breakdown is going to be later in the song, I just included it.
awesome composition dude, nice transitions and i liked what u did to change the tone of the drum kit to sound more realistic. I would have liked odd time sigs, i see u used intersesting rhythms so I can see that u have a general idea on making cool rhythms. see if u can play around with time changes.
Thank you guys so much. I actually always wanted to be a guitarist when I was younger but broke my arm and it never fully recovered. My wrist is unable to turn fully, so playing guitar is extremely hard. Instead of putting my fingers down, I have to move my whole hand to get to a note.