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sorry for making one too many threads on this forum but I noticed not only a lack of Texan musicians making threads I also didn't see a specific thread regarding them post what kind of music you play and what area of Texas you hail from. Me I'm from League City and I play old metal all the way to experimental.
Dallas area *not in dallas but thats where i gig* and its some of the good ol thrash metal with some southern swagger.

good idea here.
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This seems kool. I'm in Austin, and really I like playing anything, although I'm probably biggest on hard rock.

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O im from Midland I play thrash metal but with more of a Pantera feel.O and im looking for a band to jam in im 15 but pretty good.
Longview, and I play ... anything I like? I'd say metal, rock, metal punk, progressive rock. Me and my other Texan friend (He's orig from Wyoming, I think) came up with this

it's not finished yet. The vox have to be recorded, plus this is just a demo (check out the About Us page xD ). I actually didn't have a part in the recording, but I came up with a lot of the rhythm lines, and his dad's friend's band helped with the drums and bass and leads and stuff.
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I live in houston (sw) and i play guitar, thrash, death metal, with some swedish melodic influences, if anyone drums PLEASE get back at me.
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I live in Lubbock. I play mostly classic rock, 80s metal, stuff like that.
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I'm also from a little town near Waco, McGregor, and i play just about anything that suits my fancy.

Hey bubbaearl, i used to live up there near Lubbock in Earth. Was visiting my dad up there last month! You guys getting any better weather up there?
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yo whats up texans im from el paso texas, i play blues-punk
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Texan guitarists UNITE!

I recon if we all plug our guitars in at exactly the right second on the exact same day and all play the exact same notes all at once as loud as we possibly can.......nothing will happen
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Texan guitarists UNITE!

I recon if we all plug our guitars in at exactly the right second on the exact same day and all play the exact same notes all at once as loud as we possibly can.......nothing will happen

Not true we may just go deaf.
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I'm in dallas, dabble in guitar, bass, drums and synth. Mostly I work on industrial rock/metal but I'll play anything
Near Fort Worth, I'm just starting out so i really can't be too picky about what I play, especially with how bad I am.
im a bassist in the dallas area. i havent been playing with a band, so im not sure exactly what my niche is, but i lone meatl/altrock. looking for a band, preferably in collin county
Oh me? I'm just chillin in houston. I play all sorts of stuff. My favorites though are metal with any sort of prog feel to it, Classic Rock, some thrash, and prog rock. One of you houston locals should hit me up so we can jam!
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I'm a bassist in the Grapevine area and I want to be in a punk band of some sorts. I'm just about 18 and pretty good
Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. Havent been playing for that long, but the blues are my favorite to listen and try to learn.
Just outside of Terlingua, Texas in the middle of the desert. Live about 30 mins away from Big Bend national park.

I used to live in Fort Worth(on a street called Winfield), then I moved to where I am now about a month ago because of a job. I play old style Metal and blues rock.
Big Spring, Texas here! On I-20 about 30minutes east of Midland on I-20. My band is looking for a singer by the way! We play metal, not a whole lot of thrash, mainly just HEAVY.
We jam about 4-5 times a week and all have full time jobs. Having a good time drinking some beers and jamming!

Keep Rocking TEXAS!
San antonio 210 !
i play post hardcore !!
musican needed san antonio !!!
Bassist in Plano!
Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, anything that I can listen to.

P.s. I need a band!!!!
Tyler, TX. Alternative rock, indie. Trying to learn jazz and blues on guitar to incorporate that into my music somehow.
I'm from fort worth i play any type of metal also hard rock like avenged sevenfold system of a down etc.
Canyon Lake, Texas. I play Metal/Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Southern Rock. Pretty much everything rock
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North of Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, Play Metal of all kinds, I really wanna make a Metalcore or a Melodeth band
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Wow, it seems Texas has a few thrash fans. I wish I could move to Texas instead of Louisiana.

You guys are lucky. The music scene in Louisiana is poser screamo/ metalcore.
Corpus Christi here..just started like 7 months ago but im learning really fast and looking for a band tha plays metal im 15 btw
houston- clear lake area. If anyone wants to jam or get something going pm me
Electro Metal???
im guitarist in houston area. I play guitar, but I also play drums. I like everything except for death metal, and country pretty much.
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west side of fort worth here. i play mostly old stuff like def leppard or van halen, but i dabble in blues and jazz.

pm me if u wanna jam.
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Beaumont, Tx 22. I play Melodeath, metalcore, experimental, along with some jazz and blues infulences.(Soilwork, Machinemade God, Old KSE, Between the Buried and Me) U understand Music Theory fairly well and I'm Looking for a group to actually go somewhere, not just play the local scene while maintaining a full time job.
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