ok so i'm in the curch band an we run a OSC MX700 Amplifier(stero) through a Behriger compressor dynamic processer MDX 2200,the sound board is a Mackie CFX20 Mixer and i run my guitar through a Connect EDB1 direct box.

i have emgs on my guitar and i use a Boss Ds-1 distortion pedal.

my problem is when i use the pedal it comes out really broken and sounds incredably muddy. the lead guitar guy uses a Digitech RP200 and my guitar sounds fine through that. so i'm thinking its the pedal that screwing up everything.

i think i'm going to have about $120 tomorrow, going to hawk a bunch of stuff at the pawn shop. but i'm wondein what kind of pedal i should get, i want it to have good range of playiblity, from metal to blues, a clean cruncy od or dstortion sound.

i dont really have time to go searching for a pedal seein as i have only one day to get this pedal.

thanks for any help.
Buy a Fulltone OCD blem from Fulltone's blem file. Like $125. One of the most versatile and mellifluous OD/distortions around.
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