we're currently a trio looking to add 2 new PEOPLE...
a lead guitarist (preferrably someone with roots in punk or classic rock)
and a vocalist. we're looking for someone who can sing and/or scream/
both would be preferred
as far as vocal role, we're looking for something simmilar to Taking Back Sunday/Mayday Parade, in the sense that there are two "lead" vocalists, one on guitar.

either way, having your own equip is a plus and being able to make it to Modesto (near Davis High) is a plus. message my personal profile (myspace.com/boss61607) for any additional info.

The band has offers for booking and recording, as well as many friends in touring bands
as far as the current lineup:
-Phil (18) lead vox, Rhythm Guitar
-Em (21) Bass, supporting vox
-Austin (17) Drums, supporting vox
Damn! Almost perfect. If only you played metal ide try out.
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