so ive ordered my new guitar and i wanna know what u guys think

its a EC in STBLK and im swapping out the EMGS for a 59 in the neck and a custom sh-5 in the bridge and im adding black covers to the pickups

i wanted this guitar to be versatile with a good punk and clean sound

Good Joice???????

o yea and ill add pics as soon as its arrived and ive swapped the p.u.
Thats exactly what I wanna do, minus the custom sh-5 and no black pickup covers (I want the zebras) I also want it to be back with a quilted maple top.

How much is yours setting you back?
sounds cool what pickup would u use wuthout the custom and mines setting me back about 900 us
well I've seen black EC 1s that come with Duncans standard, they have a '59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge... the one i saw was $2800... but its soooo worth it, ECs play amazing!! Enjoy your new guitar