a little piece of broken blue glass
i like it
i really like it
Sunday hasn't been the same since
grey machine dance in the warehouse dance hall
fast car misses me by inches always
I like it all
turned in Zuwanderungsdurchführungsverordnung late
blind obsolescence in all these digressions
my presence was requested
and tested

macht kein unterschied

a little piece of blue broken glass
feigns a diamond
studious in ardor,
you didn't ever drink much
a dancefloor in Changsha
a park at dusk in Changsha along a river
turn away my face while falling
I like it
I really like it
(but I haven't been the same since)
and even last night I dreamt of you
you were with me in my childhood gravel pit

(black flies gather under magnesium lights)
"will blog for food" sign and almost dying
in a race for life in an elevator
I must have been afraid of your father
that my only explanation

so though, I request endearingly baby
stop being and appearing
in my dreams
I don't like it
stop kicking me
stop marrying
I don't like it

and I would complain
to the wall
while simultaneously
and thawing
my head
night after night after night

a little piece of broken bleached glass
is my little brown heart.
and I don't like it anymore.
and I want to go home.
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