Finally! They have made the perfect album. For(n)ever aside from being a bad title name has songs that put them at the top of their A-list. There isn't even an annoying whiney song like The Reason on it to mar this album which being the closest thing to that song would be You're The One. It's almost my least favorite song on the album but it's okay actually but I didn't care for it too much. They pulled off a rare sound in so-called pop-rock being that this has the rock feel of an 80s band (The Fixx or INXS I'm thinking), radio-friendly songs, post-modern rock, feel-good sound that we need in these tough times. Most of the positives outweigh the little bit of negatives (you hardly seem to notice them though aside from the ballady song You're The One). Best tracks that I loved most on this album: My Turn (favorite song and the album opener)-if they keep going with this sound, groove and energy on their next album then they truly would be legends! I Don't Think I Love You- another solid track- wow what feeling, emotion and maturity in their music. What a beautiful sound, and the singer has his voice honed perfectly. The guitar has a progressive and melodic sound. Definitely worth cranking up. So Close, So Far is a mellower track but has a relaxing flow to it. Doesn't have the piercing whine that The Reason had. So they succeeded in this song where that crappy song failed. This song could have the potential to promote world peace without making me gag. All About You kills Crawling In The Dark IMO. They've done it better this time. The rest of the album is alright too but after listening to the entire album for a few times I usually skip some songs....skip to Sick of Hanging On. That guitar riff amazes me. It's off the hook. Great mix of guitar sounds, it definitely puts the listener on a nice ride with it's variations of rhythms. Once again, the singer blows it up with his voice. Skip to Who The Hell Am I? Oh my word....can you hear what sounds to be something like an electric sitar playing in the chorus? I'm not quite sure, they rock steady and tight on this track. Damn straight. You Need To Be Here it has a bit of an airy sound but that air has a sweet scent of peacefulness. These guys are definitely a positive influence on today's society and children IMO. This album should cater to everyone. So finally the end track, well on that note....he does drop a curse or two (you'll hear the word at the beginning of the song) on Gone Gone Gone making what could be G rated PG or PG-13 which is still fine. That guitar has a meaty, powerful sound. Good use of effects on this song blends together a fine rock tune ending out the album. I like their new album a lot. They finally redeem theirselves to being a worthy rock band which could go down in the ages. Instead of sounding bubble gummy, candy-coated and sweet for the pop-shlock radio masses or MTV sellout crowd, X-Games, drink a Mountain Dew for all I care I'm driving-through-I-don't-give-a-****-about you people (whoever you are) they put out something worthy, meaningful and timely. Hoobastank needed an album to save them from the disaster they were going through musically. This is it. I can't wait to see what they will be working on next in 2 or 3 years. I'm sure their die-hard fans can't either. Check it out.