alright so iv just recently be getting feedback problems from my guitar (i suspect)

my gear is all pretty much new, nothing is older than 6 months

iv got an epiphone les paul custom

an ashton GA80 amp

and some fender cords

the problem i suspect is with the guitar cus iv tried everything else individually on different amps, guitars and cords and its till making a high pitch wail whenever im not playing anything

please help as im not too sure what to do and the feedback is getting some negative effects (band threatened to fire me if i dont get it fixed )
Back off on the gain and turn your volume all the way down when you are not playing. Do this and you will be in good standing with your band.
thanks for the advice

iv realised something new, the amp has 3 channels, a boost, a dirty, and a clean. the feedback is really only an issue when the amp is in the boost channel (which unfortunately is most of the time ). got any more advice please
stay as far back from the amp as possible. if you have alot of gain, than feedback will be inevitable. try opening the back where all the electronnics are and shield everything. it should help
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get a noise reduction pedal, my amp used to feedback so bad I couldnt really play it but I bought a isp noise decimator and ive never had feedback again
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HeavyMetalHokie has the right idea.

Also: don't dime your gain. It'll cut back on feedback in most cases, and won't sound as muddy/fuzzy/terrible besides.
I'm guessing (as others are) that your gain is dimed and your EQ is something awful. IF you properly mix the EQ, turn the gain down some, and turn the volume down when you aren't playing, you'll be fine.
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