Iron Maiden/Bruce dickinson Vinyl 7" Record *Ultra Rare* "Speed - MAN IN THE STREET"


Here I have for sale a never played and never used **extremly rare** and "Extremly limited edition" Speed Records", "Speed - Man in the street" Vinyl. This has been kept in the original paper wallet with original paper insert, kept in a sealed bag. The vinyl is in perfect condition and has spent its life in dry storage.

If you know this record you shall know the details.

"SPEED Down The Road (Ultra rare legendary 1980 UK Speed Records blue label with silver print vinyl 7" single also includes the track 'Man On The Street' - featuring Bruce Dickinson [known as Bruce Bruce] on vocals who was on loan from Samson. This copy is complete with the original paper insert which is made of very thin stock paper, features grey pixellated images of the band on one side & glossy black printed titles on the other. This is now the rarest Iron Maiden related sin"

Other copies of this record have been known to sell for around 400-500, I am looking for a quick sell so it is up for sale for 300 fine english pounds.

This is the only copy of the record on the internet today.This record is a must-have for any serious Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson fan, this is THE RAREST OF ALL THE IRON MAIDEN RELATED RECORDINGS! If you're a massive Iron Maiden fan or you are looking for a excellent investment then send me a PM!
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