thinking about buying this, cause its the two things i need;

an interface with guitar +2x mic inputs that can record siultaniously

plus a midi controller keyboard (not as many keys as i'd want, but meh.)

okay, two questions to start off with.

1. everything i'v read about it so far mentions "gearbox" but i hear line 6 uses "pod farm" now. which does this come with? and will i be able to download pod farm for free if it doesnt come with it?


is this pretty much a line 6 ux2, but with a built it keyboard, or is it a downgrade in terms of interface?
anyone know if its any good, or if its ****? thanks.

and 3... (my bad)
will i be able to use the keyboard with fruity loops studio 8 xxl?

thanks heaps.
Ok, I am just going to throw something out there. . .

Why not just buy a ux2 and a seperate keyboard? There is a 150 dollar price difference between the ux2 and the KB37 and you can get a 61 key casio with midi for the price easy.

Just though I would throw it out there since this is what I was thinking about doing.

As far as the pod farm thing goes, you have to make sure you get the new one to get pod farm. It hasnt come out yet.

Something else you might want to check into is how the keys feel. and if they are sturdy and whatnot.
Good luck.