I recently found Justinguitar.com has been the most helpful site out there. I also see these sites for XX $ a month. What do they got that his site dont have?
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Nothing really. Ive used the Justin guitar site a little bit, its good stuff. It has more then what most people would ever need.
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That title, makes no sense lol.
But idk, maybe he's just generous, video lessons ftw.
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Justin works on a donation basis. If you can afford to give him any money to help pay for the upkeep of his website then its all welcomed. If not then so be it.

He's simply trying to bring music and in particular the guitar, to the masses. I get the feeling he thoroughly enjoys doing it too. There's some excellent lessons on his site and as a beginner who perhaps can't afford to pay much for lessons its an excellent starting point.

Brian May has commented on Justins genourosity and praised him for his efforts

I'd put a link here but don't know if its allowed so just do a search for Justin Sandercoe and you'll get there.
Yeah, Justin is a great guy, taught me plenty of stuff.
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I have to say that justinguitar is a very good site indeed. Very clear, well structures and works towards getting you playing proper songs as soon as possible.
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I wouldn't bother personally.

I looked into them when i started playing again and decided that the only reason people use pay sites is because they have paid for them.

They are not going to give you a secret formula to be a rock god on receipt of payment. They will not have anything you couldn't find on the net

If you wanna pay, get a qualified teacher who specialises in the type of things you want to do - it's truly interactive, you will learn more, and quicker

Don't go to some crusty old coffin dodger who teaches thoery in his sleep if you wanna be the next Keith Richards and vice versa
I gotta say Justinguitar really helped me a lot!
My first week of paying, before I found that site I basically had no clue what I should be doing......Justin's site is full of handy tips and whatnot, and the video's are great too.
Too bad I barely have money to zeh beers when going out...too bad I've got nothing to donate....let alone get an electric guitar