hey, i've been playing the guitar for almost 5 years now. the only problem is that i am self taught so i am aware there are many techniques and skills i still need to learn but am not sure where to start. i have all the major chords memorized like, A Bm C Cm D Dm E Em F Fm G A Am Cadd9 A7 D7 etc. i can strum fine and finger pick a little bit, i can alternate pick and i know how to tap a little bit. what i want to work on are scales so i can learn how to play faster, i also want to learn if there is any tips on picking faster. mainly i want to be able to move my fingers faster though. so if you know any tips, online lessons or videos, please let me know, i am eager to learn as much as i can. thank you.

as for finger/pick speed its purely practice. theres no right or wrong way, but it needs to be comfortable to you so its best not to copy from lessons and the like. Best way i found is just sit with a metronome and work my way up and down scales or just random fretting with alternate picking, and increase the speed every now and then. Scales are a bugger to learn and take a bit of doing, but once you know the primary ones (major/minor/pentatonic) just mess around with them in different modes until you get a good feel for them. A good website i found is www.all-guitar-chords.com, which has all the scales/modes/chord progessions etc. And if you get bored with all this (i did) have a shot at sweep picking. Tricky, but its an awesome thing to know and definately builds speed in all areas. Theres always loads of lessons on youtube that are decent, i'd make some but the only camera i have is a ****ty mobile phone one so it wouldn't be that good