im a 16 year old bassist in the central kentucky area looking to start or join an alternative or punk band. my biggest influences are:pixies, rage against the machine, foo fighters, coldplay, green day, the ramones, nirvana, flyleaf, and jimi hendrix. so if anyone needs a bassist for an alternative or punk band then give me a shout.

Yep, I'm from Kentucky all right! yee haw!

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Who says you need a band? A bass can do just as much exciting shit as a guitar can.
I'm from Louisville, and my friend and I are trying to finish our band. We've had 2 guys say they'd be our drummers (one didn't have a drum set, the other one sold his) and one guy tell us he'd play bass, but I haven't seen him for months (and he was actually a guitarist). I play guitar and she sings. We're both girls, if that's not a problem. We're both really cool and pretty hardcore for girls. I'm almost 18, and I've been playing guitar for 3 years. We're kind of alternative/ indie/ rock. Let me know if you're interested.