I have Cubase LE and have tried to install a VST but itwont recognise them.

I put the dll file into the vstplugins folder that Cubase is using but it wont recognise them on the Plug-In information screen. I have tried updating the screen and everything. I am fresh out of ideas. Anyone have any idea why Cubase wont recognise any of my VST?

Thanks alot
I'll start from the basics.
-Is it in a zip folder? If so take it out.
-Try a different VST. Sometimes they don't work.
-I just figured out what your talking about.
-Hope this helps bit...

It's VST like in DynamicsVST?

Edit:Uh-Oh! Writing this post has made me late for school... Again. Lol. No worries though. I hate school.
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I would try what he has said but at the same time I have had some freeware vst's or in my case Au's that have just not worked.
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have you restarted your pc after installing them?