Hey guys - I decided its time to learn some Dream Theatre. I'm a mid-range guitarist, been playing electric for 1 1/2 years. What would be an easier, but still good song by them to learn?

Oh and if it helps.. in terms of speed I can play Holy Wars by Megadeth full speed.. except the solo
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Megadeth is played on crack speed

While DT is pretty technical hard.

Playing difficult pieces of music is kinda what makes DT, DT, or else they are just another Metal band.

They make PROG metal.

Hmmm, but I'm sure they have some easy songs, but I don't know from the top of my head. You can be fast, but if you can't play through odd time signatures, then fast means nothing with their music.

Also they don't play "standard shapes" fast.

Petrucci plays some pretty wicked shapes + fast with weird string skipping and crazy position shifts.

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