So i want to get a carbon copy. but seeing as i live in Perth,W.Australia, the most isolated city in the world (no joke (well its more of a huge town ) ), i wanted to get your opinions. and it seems that none of the shops round here have them in stock. (any perth people care to help me out?)

Also, how does this hold up to distortion, especially pedal distortions (its the metalcore boss)?

Ive also heard something about if u hook it up with a power supply which has been daisy chained, it can produce some ****ed up sounds which arent good. care to elaborate?
i have a modest rig which consists of guitar related stuff
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I have it, sounds cool,
with distortion it's like any delay if you want your sound to be spacey you put the distortion before and if you want an overly delayed tone then switch them

if you use the amps distortion you should put it in the fx loop
their really good, i dont own one but ive tried one and they sound great, and they have an awesome sound with dist.