How can I get the tone im looking for? I have a 5150 and good guitars but it just seems I can never find my right tone. Im looking for a tone that doesnt have too much mid, but it sounds huge. Like, I dont know. Kinda like the beginning of that Puddle Of Mudd song, "Control".
Any ideas mates?
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Your best option is an equalizer. Danelectro has a nice cheap one.

For that song you would definitely need a compressor too.

EDIT: sorry I got the song confused with "blurry". But a compressor would be helpful to get that background steady distortion.
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+1 to the equalizer, that could really help you out. The danelectro one mentioned is nice on a budget, if you have the cash though you should really look into the MXR 10 band EQ.

As for a compressor, I've heard good things about the DBX ones
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Dyna Comps are the industry standard for Compression (or so I've heard). Ive got one and it dose its job well for a reasonable price (60$-70$). The only drawback is that its a little noisy.
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