Sorry for such a linear thread but, could someone tell me the name of this chord?


I like to play this shape all over the neck (starting on the a string). Its basically an a major but without the rooted a, so what chord is it?

Could someone explain to me how to work out the name for a chord? Is it basically the first note of a chord?
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Basically just a major chord with the fifth as the bass note
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Basically it's still A Major, just an inversion of it.
I believe it would be called A/E.

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A major chord is defined by the major triad (Root, Major Third and Perfect Fifth).

You know it is an A Major chord because although you don't have that A note on the E string, on the D string, you also have the root (A), and you have the perfect fifth on the A string (E) and the major third on the G string (C#).
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Since I've been beaten to answering what chord it is, I'll explain how to work out what chords are. In this example, you have an E, A, C#, and E. Now, you need to know a bit of theory. In A Major, you have A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of that scale make a major chord. Therefore, A Major. But, you have E twice, once in the bass. This means that you're playing an A Major with an E in the bass, hence A Major over E, or A/E for short. Hope this helps to some small extent.
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the way i work out a chord is take the notes of a chord,assume the lowest sounding note is the root and see how the other note relate to it.if it doenst make particular sense i take one of the other notes and use that as the root.probably not the msot efficient,but i only use it if i'm actually stuck
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The notes are E, C#, A and E, so it's basically an A.
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Thank you everyone, BIG help.

Especially M.B metaltabber cheers
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