Yes, those pointy arrow things.

I basically need to come up with a game that can be played by 4 groups of 4 that involves geometric or Cartesian vectors. Nothing too difficult to prepare or to play, as long as its fun, it should do. Any (serious) ideas?
any activity involving vectors will only result in people chasing you yelling "Heretic!"
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What do you need to do with the vectors?

ummmm... anything involving projectiles?

Not so much projectile motion as the basic concepts of geometric and Cartesian vectors. Things that involved vector projections, dot products, cross products etc.
I can't really even think of a game involving vectors. But like someone up there said, it could be awesome with projectile motion. My test of projectile motion involved launching a steel ball bearing across the room and trying to hit a target. The place I hit was the grade I got.
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