Yeah, Yeah...Ask Kurtlives91. Well, I've been blowing up his inbox lately so I figured I'd make a quick post or 2 on here because I'd like to order my parts today and I feel bad enough killing him with questions. I feel I am 98% of the way there but had some questions about the clipping section on his build.

First of all, assume that I no nothing about electronics. You are going to have to dumb it down a LOT!

In his thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=747311&page=1&pp=20

He says: D4---3mm Water Clear High Brightness Red LED in series with 20K resistor, 1N270. Select using a DPDT (on-on). You can add another diode in series with either D4 or D5 for asymmetrical clipping. Its an interesting little addition try it"

In an email from him, he also said I can add a silicon diode to the germanium side as well.

Now keep in mind my noobness. This is what I envision when I read that. I made a diagram in paint(no laughing) to illustrate my thoughts.

Is this the way it should look if I utilize asymmetric clipping on both the LED and Germanium sides? If so, what would be a good value for a silicon diode on the germanium side?