Well i'm selling my Metal-Zone and MG30DFX together for £100 and I can't find a way to actually sell it. Ebay failed so far.
I'm UK and was wondng there's something i can do to sell them?
just keep trying ebay.. lower the price, buy it now, etc
either way its bad - i dont know animals
Sell them seperately, I think that'll work better
I would try craigslist.
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You should be able to do that, put mt-2 on ebay sell for about 40, marshall up on gumtree/ friday ad / sell to a mate for 60 no probs!
i think ebay failed because youre asking too much

theres a gear ads section on UG, try there
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.

I put the amp on ebay on its own at a starting price of £50. Ive got 3 watchers and one bid for £50 (with pickup) and am selling the pedal to a friend.

Thanks guys, yet again.