Hey i know what a pedal sounds like, but why do so many people use it? Some people say it is similar to reverb- is this true? What do people use it for?
Please reply!!!
To make your notes echo, perhaps?

It's kind of unrelated but delay is also actually the basis for almost every modulation and filter-based effect.

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The most simple way to describe it is that it sounds like echo I guess?
because it makes solo's generally sound more spacey
not kevin spacey, epic spacey
its fun to play around with.

thats what she said.

edit: seriously though, sometimes just messing with the settings leads to a neat sound.

and watch the video of brian may messing with his delay. it made me get mine.
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it makes leads sound a whole lot better.
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It sounds great for the dirty dub rasta stylee.
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They use it for whatever the hell they want to.

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the way delay works is it copys a note and plays it back at a delayed pace to the amount you want, reverb, on the other hand, just makes the note ring longer. Chorus is like delay because it repeats the note multiple times which makes that water-drip effect, and a pitch shifter copys the note and changes the copyed note's pitch before playing it back.
So the final verdict in this effect-relation tree is:

-Delay is the base for pitch shifters and chorus'.

- flangers are similar to a chorus pedal but with a more metallic sound and a wavering range

-Compression/sustainers, Reverb, and echo are very close in relation to each other but have close to nothing in common with delay.

Some more info on effects
-wah pedals boost and cut mid range causing a wah effect

-Distortions clip the high and low frequences causing an overdriven sound

-and tremolo pedals raise and lower volume at player-set speed