I had posted this question a few weeks ago but cannot locate it. Anyway, for some reason, when struck, the low E string on my guitar is drowing all the other strings out. I figured that it was a problem with my amp/pedal settings but after playing around with them for quite some time, the problem remains. I have a low end guitar/amp so I'm not sure if that is the reason. I will be getting a new amp this month.

I was told that it may be due to my pickups and was advised to lower them on the low E side. My question I guess is, would this be the reason the string is so much louder than the others? If so, how do I lower one side of the pickups?
it could be the reason
basically there should be a screw at the edge of the pickups (not one that is used to hold the pickup in place) and you can screw it one way and it will raise it, or the other way too lower it. Only do it ver slightly and keep checking to see if its working
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should be a screw either side of the pickup, screwing it anti clockwise should make it lower on tht side, as a guide 3/4 inch is a good distance between pickup and string with it being slightly higher on the high E side.

The lower strings are generally louder because of their size i guess.