Hey Guys, I am stuck between buying to amps, however i am not going to say what brand and kind they are because i dont want biased opinions, so instead I am going to post sound clips from the net that i have found, and please tell me what you think.

You'll have to excuse the user name, i believe i made this account many years ago.

Amp 1 - http://dl.mp3lizard.com/twpietz37/round_round.mp3
- http://www.eddegenaro.com/audio/stevejam.mp3
- http://dl.mp3lizard.com/twpietz37/loymix.mp3

Amp 2 - http://www.upload-mp3.com/pfiles/56815/Canal%201-%20Les-paul%20-%20micro%20neck%202.mp3
- http://www.upload-mp3.com/pfiles/56817/Canal%203-%20Schecter%20-EMG%2081%20Bridge%20-%20le%20classique.mp3

excuse the playing on amp 2.... but thats what i could find... i have more but maybe that will be enough

edit: you'll have to c and p the links, but check them out
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dont bother with internet sound clips, they are heavily modified and mixed to sound professional, go play them in the music store.

amp 2 sounds like ass,
amp 1, the stevejam, sounds good, but its been way mixed.

you can make a marshall MG30 sound good with mixing, i already proved that in the recording thread haha.
+1 to what LP said.
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