I have a Blue black fade 05 ego that is in pretty good condition, fires true. Only dmg is the grip has been shredded from my long fingernails grippin it tight. Comes with a reloader b (black) a 68 tank with cover, 5 pods, a 3+2 dye pod pack ( the new one), the new ego gloves, dye pants, and jt pants, 2 jerseys (1 blue ego and 1 jt), knee pads, a mask. Im lookin for like 600 or trade for a lp/fender frontman amp/ pedals/ guitars/computer parts/combination of the above.... I live in winnipeg, shippin is possible but would be expensive so i would pay half of shipping anywhere... as for methods of payment... i dont have paypal so it would have to be money transfer / order or pickup if you are in the neighborhood. either way leave me a pm or msg me at stuffmaker43@msn.com

As for pics, i dont have a digital camera so if you want em ill have to send em to you by phone.... which costs me 2 bucks so i wont send unless i think there is a chance you will buy or have a decent offer.
I have a bc rich mockingird bronze that i will trade for just the gun, pm me for pics, pm me, i am very interested. if not maybe we could work something out.
pm'd and for further reference im not really looking for metal guitars, id accept a strat or a lp other than that just lookin for amps and computer parts/ cash rly
eh, for some reason i didnt get the pm. How much for just the gun then? and what computer parts are you looking for?
well my processor fried, so im gonna upgrade everything, looking for decent mobo, processor, 512 mg+ vid card, 750 watt psu, 6 gigs of ram or combo of the above. just the gun would prolly be 400~
yea, i dont have any of that stuff laying around anymore. O5s are not bringing 400 anymore, nothing besides vikings that are 05 and older are, unfortunatly. darn, i wish you were into metal guitars lol, cause ide love to have that gun. Well if you think of anything that would change your mind please let me know, because im extremely interested.
i love metal guitars its just i already have 3 so :S, and i just bought a Epi Black Beauty.... it makes me orgasam
oh, adding one more thing to the list , i need some new either burstbuckers or S.D. Alinco 2's for my black beauty, also need a gold Stop Bridge and tune o matic peice.... seing as the ones on there are chrome for some F'd up reason....
dang, i dont have any of that either. lol well, free bump i guess.
unfortunatly the guitar i ordered is not coming so im taking all of the parts off of the list of things that would acceptable for trade and adding a LP Black Beauty style guitar to it