Experimented with LSD recently, decided to write a song about it. So far i got this....

All right guys lets go
Get on with the color show
Let me tell you this now
You guys better not freak out
Or youll end up in satan's house
Without any way to get out

D-Lysergic Acid
Really cant believe my eyes
Everything is moving around
I'm hearin colors, seein sounds
D-Lysergic Acid
Oh how much i'd bid
For another trip like this

The Dr. Albert Hoffman
Created my best friend
There is no one else like you
My best friend cid

The satan part is gay, couldnt think up of nething to say about avoiding a bad trip, ill think about suggestions are welcome.
When I was in highschool 4 or 5 years ago my history teacher crapped herself (she had a problem, she was wearing dippers and all that but damn it was retarded and funny as hell).

You could hear the farts all over the classroom, lol.
the language was extremely un-trippy,
some rhymes were forced

reported though, read the rules; specifically on titles
then repost
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