Hi everyone, I am getting a guitar off line and I'm new to playing. I was looking at guitars in a shop in state college Rainbow music and the guy pointed me towards the Alvarez RC-20SC. I was reading and doing some looking around online and saw the Ibanez AES20E. How does it stack up against the Alvarez? Is it steal or nylon stringed? Which one do you recommend? And should I pay 20bucks for 1/2 hr lessons or get some self teaching program?
Ibanez acoustics have a bad rep. The Alvarez is probably better. I love Alvarez guitars, they feel and sound amazing.

As far as lessons, coming from someone who is self taught: get lessons. The structure will make you better faster.
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The Alvarez would be a nylon
The Ibanez is a steel stringed guitar.

this one would be the steel string equivalent.

I would definitely recommend the Alvarez over the Ibanez. i have yet to play a poorly built alvarez. I cannot say the same about ibanez though.
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Ok kol, I'm going to try to buy it Friday. What should I buy with it? As far as accessories go
You mentioned that you are new to playing guitar, so I just wanted to make sure that you understand what you are looking at...

Are you wanting a classical (nylon strings) guitar?
I'd vote for Alvarez.

Take a look a some of the tabs on site and see if you can figure out how to read them. ...
If you can you may avoid needing lessons, but it will really depend on what kind of natural ear and abiltiy you have. Some people need lessons to get started some don't.

Also, invest in a tuner and get the guy to show you how to use it. Ear tuning is OK, but you'll develope "perfect pitch" faster if your guitar is tuned to what 90% of the world is tuned to.
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acoustic electric, i played with it a little in the store i liked the song. I want to play to peoms I write basically. I always wanted to learn how to play acoustic since I heard lauren hills unplugged and several Lyfe Jennings songs. I also like the way it sounds on songs like thugs mansion by 2 pac, amongst other songs i heard. And yes I liked the nylon strings on the guitar
OK, just making sure. Most people opt for a steel string acoustic guitar unless they are planning on actually being classically trained at... well, classical guitar.

I don't mean to shy you away from classical guitar. Classical guitar is one of the most beautiful, involved, and deepest (speaking in terms of study, not actual deep sound) instruments there is imo. I just wanted to make sure you were getting what you thought you were getting!