So I'm looking for a decent delay pedal and so far all I've seen and heard about the TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay seems very positive.

Are there any other pedals in the same price range that could be better?
Lets say 250 euros, that should be about $320. Don't really care if it's digital or analog, as long it's high quality and sounds good. Although I kinda like some of the features digital pedals have.
Digitech HARDWIRE DL8 is sweet. It is a digital pedal but does great analog and tape simulations among other things. True Bypass (really true bypass not just a term)

Here is a review of the whole HARDWIRE lineup. Note the DL8 got Guitarist magazines Gold award for receiving top marks in every category.

Best analog delay I've played is the MXR Carbon Copy. Well within your budget and it sounds great. If you're looking for longer delay times, you would want to get a digital pedal. I have the Electro Harmonix Echo #1 and its a great sounding pedal and also well within your budget. It has up to 2 sec delay time. Those are my two cents Best advice though, narrow it down to a couple that you really like via reviews, advice, and youtube vids...then go out and try those pedals out before you buy. You may also find something else you like better.
Yeah I do like the T-Rex but it's way too expensive.
Any idea about the bypass on the Nova Delay? Does it change tone a lot?
eh, idk about all of those others, but if you want a truly want an amazing digital pedal, check out the DD-7. it's just good. not too pricey either. also, it has a looper, reverse, and if you for some reason want a chorus you can set it up to do that too lol. it has a lot of fregin features, but most importantly, it is a beautiful delay.
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Get an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, it's way better than anything I've played analogwise. It's very warm and still uses NOS chips that other analog delays don't.
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I really like my Line 6 DL-4. Lots of different settings, and you can store 3 of them. It's also got tap tempo which is nice.

Just my opinion.
I've had both the ND-1 and the Carbon copy. I really liked the CC but I really wanted tap tempo and the ability to have presets so I went with the ND. I feel that the ND does what the CC can more. As far as its bypass I can't really tell a difference, I've tested it with the fx loop footswitch with my amp. I have some clips of both in my profile.

Eon blue Apocalypse and Idea were done with the Carbon Copy

Untitled and Unknown were done with the Nova Delay.