Does anyone know if fretstore.com is a reliable website?

There's a guitar I wanted to get that I can only find there so I was wondering if anyone's ordered from it or have heard anything.

Thanks for the help.
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Instead of risking getting scammed, couldn't you just order from musicians friend or the guitar center websites?

Of course I would, if that was an option.

That site is the only place they sell it. MF sells the bass version of it, but I'm looking for the guitar.
What's the guitar, and what's their price?
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they cant spell available in the guitar thing on the front page, i wouldn't trust
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Don't trust it.
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why would you want to buy single frets?

edit: they are so full of bull, they say that Dimes sigs were his favourite guitars. They didn't exist back then.
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why you want that? and i wouldnt trust the site. craigslist!
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