Hello everybody. I bought this mexican standard strat some time ago. It's not quite my sound (I like the les paul sound) but I like its feel, fretboard and some other things. Anyway, I realize I can't play without a humbucker at the bridge for various reasons, that is, the kind of sound I need, and the low output of stock fender single coils, that in my case even affects playability (I'm just too used to higher power pickups like dimarzios and gibson smoky coils). I've got this Super Distortion lying around so I bought a HSS pickguard. The strat is pretty new and they told me there's already enough space under the pickguard for an humbucker. I'd like to know what to do with the wires, I mean, what to cut and what to solder. I also read things about changing pots and stuff like that but I didn't understand much. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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search seymour duncan wiring diagrams in google, there should be a seymour duncan website that gives you a wiring diagram for every possible switch/pickup combo. called seymourduncan/basslines or something.
Thanks a lot!
What about the tone pots though? The SD site doesn't mention them at all. Will the stock ones be alright? I usually just keep them at 10 though, so I don't care if they work "bad" or something like that, I just need them not to affect the sound.
Hey dude...

You need to switch out any of the pots connected to the humbucker for 500k, because single coils only have 250k. Go to you guitar shop and ask them for the new pots, they are about $5 apiece, or should be anyway...

If you really don't know how to do any of this, you might want to find someone who does, i.e. guitar tech at shop or a friend that plays guitar that knows how....

Just my opinion though.... I did all this stuff and I messed up my guitar quite a bit once...

So good luck!!!!
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