I was just learning how to and playing chords and I accidently drooled on to my guitar. (So stupid) I still have the plastic covering on my pickguard and anyways I think the drool went into my single coil of the guitar and by that I mean like the side. I dried it but will this damage the guitar at all? It also wetted the side of the very last frets. Thanks
you suck so hard
this is Pit material

Nothings gonna happen unless it hit a really unstable part of the electronics.
I drooled on a very expensive guitar I once owned. The day I returned it, actually. My friend drooled on his teacher's guitar, also...

Oh, this isn't a share your stories thing? Oh right, sorry...

Nah, it shouldn't hurt it. Though you might wanna clean your neck off, just 'cause...
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