1.Take this job and shove it- dead kennedys(original by david allen coe)
2. the crusher- the cramps (im lovin it!!!)(original by the novas)
3.every rose has its thorn- the unseen (original by poison)
4.dirty deeds done dirt cheap- oxymoron(original by AC/DC)
5.everybody messed up- oxymoron (original(in japanese) by COBRA)
Im a huge fan of cover songs, especially when the original blows a fat load...ex.every rose has its thorn
This has been done so many ****ing times before.

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This has been done so many ****ing times before.

I know, this guy should of gone for a top 10.
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I know, this guy should of gone for a top 10.

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Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance?
Ramones - Let's Dance
Ramones - Surfin' Bird
X - Soul Kitchen
J Church - Last of the Famous International Playboys
Take this Job and Shove It - Dead Kennedys
I Want You to Want Me - Propagandhi
Straight to Hell - The Menzingers
Pause - Comadre
S.O.S. - Andrew Jackson Jihad
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Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance?
Ramones - Surfin' Bird

What about the Queers covers of the Ramones covers?
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