I've just got me a new Stratocaster and have been wondering how i can take care of it. up until now i've had cheapo guitars that i've not worried too much about but with this i want to take good care of it.

Keep it in the case if it has one when you're not playing. That's all I can think of.
Use the straplocks, if you really care about the finish buy a cleaner and keep it all clean.
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Just keep it clean... play it as much as you can...repeat...I beat the poop out of my stuff...solid body guitars aren't fragile instruments, thank god...
Yep, keep it in the case and give it a wipe over with a cloth after playing - get all of your manky sweat off it! No offense, it's what I do. I recently got a more expensive guitar too - in the beginning I was almost too scared to play it in case I damaged it!
dont let idiots play your guitar.

actually, try not to let anyone play your guitar that you dont trust 110%.
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