Poll: Whats your favourite kind of pudding?
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Voters: 96.
whats your favourite kind of pudding?

today, i had an amazing pudding at my schools cafeteria. it was chocolate pudding, with a brownie like substance at the bottom. Flavour Orgasm!
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My GF says she likes my pudding the best, so now I spoon fed it to her
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Banana pudding. Goes great with Banana bread, my one, and only true love.
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Rice pudding.
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Where is the goddamn pistachio option?
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pfft, Tubby Custard FTW
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EDIT: Scrap that, my mum's caugette cake is the best.
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Tapi-****ing-oca. Butterscotch is good, too, as is bread and vanilla.

I just love pudding, really.
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