Ok so Im having some serious problems with my band..
Ok we're a trio band and we havent had the chance to practice ever and heres why

1. Our drummer, who Ive never even heard play before, is the biggest nerd ever and he never practices. No offense to him or anybody who likes these things, but hes obsessesed about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Japanese game shows, and sushi. He also is learning how to speak Japanese. He owns gamecube, and he spends $50 on cans of shaving cream, but hardly has the money to buy food... Anyways, last time i checked he hadnt practiced drums for months. He drum set was covered with shirts and crap. He just sits around and plays Battlefront 2 on his gamecube.

2. Our guitarist is kind of a dick. actually. Hes a really big dick. He is god-like on guitar and he brags about it, which is fine, because i would do the same if i was as good as him. Hes been playing for 4 years, so he has more experince than me and is sooo much better than me. So he wants to do covers of like, Protest the Hero and hard crap like that.. Ive only been playing bass for like 6 months, so im not able to tap and play crap like Arif.. and of course the he automactially thinks if someone cant play protest the hero on bass they suck.. so hes always tellin me i suck and crap like that. He calls me a prick when I try to take lead of the band, but whenever i tell him he can be the one to direct us, he nevers does anything. And when i had the idea of me and him just doing a "solo" project, he just totally puts it down. Plus, he ditches me everytime i want to get together and practice.

So how the crap do i get these guys moving??? All i wanna do is play music.. And the only drummers\guitarists around live too far away for us to ever practice. So help me out here..
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You might get a better response in the bandleading forum.

oh, and just leave
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HA! the only solution to this is just put together a new band

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yeah id say your not a band, if you haven't even practiced, and id just say im done with you guys, and find new guys to play with...
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TS, I have almost the same problem, just find new musicians.
It is easy enough, look around the local music shops and ask around.
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Seems like a lost cause dude. The thing here is that you kinda have to accept the fact that you're trying to force them into doing something they don't want to do. To put it into perspective, how would you feel if your drummer bugged you all the time about creating a gamer-team and doing competitions and whatnot, you wouldn't care for it and you wouldn't put the same effort into it as he would. So if these guys don't want to do it, don't force them. Find other people to play with, sell millions of records and enjoy the fact that they aren't getting any.
Wait a second, this has absoalutly nothing to do with bass guitar, music theory, its just you bitching.

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he plays BF2 on gamecube?

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