Hey guys
I'm having a problem setting the intonation on my MIM 2006 telecaster, the B and especially high e strings are really flat at the 12th fret, i've tried adjusting the saddles by moving them as far towards the neck as they will go, and if i go any further i fear the saddles may become unscrewed, but the intonation is still a fair way flat, the other strings are almost perfect.
What can i do now to get the intonation right? buy longer saddles screws!?

TIA for any advice
they should go forward enough...at least try it dude....otherwise try different size strings?
thanks for the suggestions
turning them the other way wont help, 'cause the note is flat, making the string longer will only worsen that. I tried turning the saddle all the way short, to the point where the screw actually slipped out of the saddle slightly and it's still flat. I'm using near enough the lightest gauge strings i can find, so changing the strings isn't really an option.
I suppose i could heighten the saddle slightly, but i don't really want to lose the nice low action...
Is there anything else i can try??

an ideas greatly appreciated!
how old are the strings?

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