Amending wikipedia is childish yet funny. I have done synyster gates. You all should do it and post the results. If you don't you are shít.
I did:


Haner attended, but did not graduate from, the Musicians Institute in Hollywood as part of the GIT program, studying jazz guitar. He was kicked out of Musicians Institute after being caught in a sexually compromising position with a male tutor. The tutor was also suspended. Up until that time he was primarily self taught by watching music videos and reading books, which is surprising because his father was/is a songwriter and guitar player, having played with Frank Zappa during his career. After six or so months of being there, he got a phone call from The Rev (and the rest of the current line up of Avenged Sevenfold) asking him if he wanted to join the band as lead guitarist. Haner joined up with them rather than continuing his education and becoming a studio musician. [1]
Wikipedia changes articles back in 30 seconds flat, biatch.
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Wikipedia changes articles back in 30 seconds flat, biatch.

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