Classical music has a huge influence on progressive metal (actually alot metal in general).

I have noticed that prominent guitarists as well as most guitarists who take influence from classical music do so from mostly the baroque and classical periods (Mozart, Bach, etc). When you think of this music you picture some wealthy aristocratic family laying on velvet chairs with white wigs on and smoking pipes while discussing law and philosiphy.

A big example is Yngwie malmsteen transcribing Bach inventions and such. his playing pretty much sounds like Bach on speed from what I've heard so far.

Well anyways, I seldom hear of guitarists being influenced by the works of composer from the classical romantic era (which is my favorite classical era). I am talking about Liszt, Debussy Rachmaninoff etc.

The only artist I can think of where the influence classical romantic music is prominent in his playing is Matthey Belemy from Muse, and he does it well, even if he can't play at a million notes per second.

His music takes sounds "grand", especially when played live, not unlike the music written during the romantic era.

So are any of you influenced by music from this era in your playing?
I'm influenced more by film music, than romantic stuff. Whereas romantic is all about being emotional, film music IMO takes that to the next level.