I don't know if anyone else uses this pedal, I got one for christmas, they actually aren't that bad! It's a Zoom G2.1u. One of these.

Basically, it has a built in drum machine and it's not bad quality. It sounds pretty realistic, has about 40 different patterns and it's only downside is that it only plays in 4/4 time.

Anyway, the thing is, I need to use that drum machine in a live show while playing acoustic guitar, so I need to use my feet to turn the drums on/off. The dumbasses who made this descided not to assign this important task to a foot pedal, instead restricting it to one of the tiniest buttons ever.

SO, to get my feet to control the drum machine, I need to buy one of these bastards.
Costs $25 or £20 for some reason, and it's something that should have came with the freaking machine.

I'm a complete cheapskate. I don't want to pay this. Are there any other ways of me controlling their drums? Anyway of me modding it, or a cheaper alternative?