Rough draft, there's a lot of things I want to improve, but I'm gonna post it anyway for some initial feedback.

Note: This song isn't about a girl, so to speak.

She calls around from time to time
Just to say hello
A few nice words, a smile or two
She makes herself at home
She stays in my bed for weeks on end
And comes to work with me
She follows me home, yet still I’m alone
Even though I’m in company
We’d talk for hours ‘bout the seasons gone by
But we’d never say a word
The summers, the springs, the happier things
All now just seem absurd
She tells me lies that I’ll believe
To prove that I still care
Coz nothing can negate the fear
That it’s no longer there

She goes away from time to time
Where to I’m not sure
No goodbyes, no pleasantries
No encounters to endure
Sometimes when she’s gone away
I forget her
But when she’s banging down my door
I give in to the pressure
To entertain this unwanted guest
In my empty winding place
A few nice words, a smile or two
I drown in her embrace
We’ll talk for hours ‘bout the latest craze
And how I let it go
She shows me what it’s doing now
What have we learned.....

Words are weightless here on earth,
because they're free

.....from this wee exercise?