NEW Kluson waffleback tuners, ResoMax TOM Bridge/Tailpiece, TOM Stringsaver Superbrdg

Everything is in nickel color...

Kluson Waffleback tunners, new never installed comes in original packaging-$99 shipped

ResoMax string saver superbridge, large post to fit epiphone/other imports new never installed comes in original packaging-$79 shipped

ResoMax tailpiece, new never installed comes in original packaging-$39 shipped

String Saver Superbridge, fits US guitars had been used on the Gibson LP I sold about a month ago, it's in new condition. For clarification it's a tone pros locking TOM with graph tech string saver saddles-$85 shipped

If you don't know about the ResoMax bridges you gotta go to the graph tech site and check em out, they're lighter than aluminum bridge/tailpieces. If you want both the ResoMax Bridge and Tailpiece I'll combine them for $110 shipped

All of this, with the exception of the locking tonepros, was going on a guitar I was planning to build but can no longer afford to do with out a job. they've been sitting on my shelf for over a month now so I figure I try to get some money back. PM me or email me at if interested. Thanks
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