im looking for jazz guitar tabs/ music and im having a hard time finding stuff that isnt just melodies

im looking for something like...

http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=3b3Ks7R0QOw&feature=related <--this

something with lots of chords, and melody in the chords and notes.
but mainly im looking for something i can play by myself with no like backing band or backing track.

one MORE question.. what style of jazz would you call the way he played that song in the video?
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Chord/Melody approach is what you're looking for. The intro was cool, but he seems a bit out of tune with the bass.
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I'd recommend Johnny A, he's the best Chord/Melody player out there. But, probably for listening purposes only. He's way too technical for you at this stage. (And would probably need a backing band, to sound its best)
Buy a book! A book with the melody, the chord melody and the comping etude in it. The chords melody is what you're looking for.
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